Multigenre Papers

Second Semester:  Multigenre Research Papers

What is a multigenre paper?

While they may sound new or unusual at first, these research papers have proven very successful in the past.  Multigenre papers are a new kind of research papers that rely on research to learn about a subject, but then they are presented in a non-traditional format. The format relies on various genres that are created by the writer to convey a different side of the subject than could be expressed by a traditional paper. This paper requires that you blend narrative writing and transactional writing (expository). You will convey real details in a more creative way.

An overview of the process: 

bulletView sample papers from past students to get an idea of the scope of the project.
bulletChoose a topic that will be engaging for you to research and for others to read/hear about.
bulletBegin researching your topic through articles, books, encyclopedias, the internet, whatever sources will provide you with the best information on your topic.
bulletAs you research, keep track of your sources for a Works Cited page, just like in a traditional research paper. (We’ll follow the MLA format as you’ve learned in Writers Inc.  Some writers prefer or
bulletBegin writing/choosing the pieces that will compose your final paper. Besides the "traditional" research section (minimum of two pages with a thesis, direct and indirect quotes, both of which are cited), the genres that you choose are up to you and should blend well with the subject that you chose. A list of genres may be used as a springboard for your own ideas.  Then keep stringing pieces of your writing together to convey a message (or several messages) about your topic. During this stage, you may need to expand or narrow your topic, and perhaps even gather more information to make your paper come together.
bulletBrainstorm ways to make your final paper cohesive; there needs to be some unity holding it together. The repetend ( a group of words, a phrase, or an image that is repeated exactly, unexpectedly) is a useful device for achieving unity.   Another way to achieve unity is via a structure.  Many outstanding papers utilize both techniques.
bulletAfter you complete the final paper, include a prologue telling your reader how to read the paper, and perhaps even what inspired the project.
bulletFinalize your Works Cited page.  (No fewer than five sources;  three may be websites, the others must have originally been printed, regardless of whether you found them online or not.)
bulletCreate a notespage (to identify each piece that you wrote and what inspired it &/or what you were trying to convey)
bulletDouble check your paper, using the Multigenre Assessment page as a guide to be sure you haven't forgotten anything. 
bulletSubmit your 6+ page paper ON TIME (50% off for late work).
bulletDon't forget to submit to on the due date.
bulletPrepare for your presentation over your topic. 


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